Lantek Customer Analytics

Advanced client knowledge to anticipate and plan production orders.

Our algorithms recover the clients historical data in our Lantek Quotes and Lantek Sales software, or in the clients’ external CRM software, and we analyze it for patterns and periodicities. These are automatically incorporated into production planning, reserving times and resources, as well as anticipating quoting tasks for the smart management of discounts, costs and prices for clients.

Sources of knowledge

Companies that work with Lantek Integra Quotes and/or with Lantek Integra Sales, and in combination with our MES, have important information that Lantek Customer Analytics makes use of: the capacity to analyze the behaviors of each client: purchase frequency, quantities, average production time for each manufacturing order, average manufacturing cost, average offset for each type of manufacturing order, average margins, etc. This is a source of high-quality data that when filtered, analyzed and processed, will allow you to anticipate orders and reserve resources, improve planning, quote quickly and objectively, and finally, increase profitability for each client with recursive knowledge. You can quote more competitively without the risk of affecting your margins, and you can plan raw material purchasing and working hours more efficiently.

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Smart Quoting: Profitability

Smart Quoting is a quoting service based on client knowledge linked with accumulated historical data and recursive learning from past production. It will provide you with:

  • SPEED, as it will automatically upload the costs and times based on the accumulated historical data.
  • FLEXIBILITY: Now the sales department can quote more efficiently and without the need to perform production simulations or to have technical knowledge. 
  • OBJECTIVITY: Quoting will not be based on subjectivity, as you will be able to use historical and real data.
  • SEGMENTATION: Personalized pricing for each client based on historical data and sales forecast, facilitating loyalty or sales strategies by established types.
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