Lantek Manufacturing Analytics

We provide strategic and technical assessment for the measurement, interpretation and analysis of sheet metal business information.
Our software captures thousands of data from all aspects related to the production process and works with different areas and approaches, always using the know-how provided by our 35 years of experience in the sheet metal and metal sector and your company needs. 

Manufacturing Analytics

The Lantek Manufacturing Analytics advanced manufacturing intelligence module collects all of the data from the production system. These are then filtered, grouped and connected using our 30 years of know-how in order to facilitate decision making based on reliable information that’s always up-to-date.

These metrics are displayed visually and in real time, which reduces analysis and intervention times, optimizing production.

Smart OEE, your efficiency in real time

Identifies the percentage of the time during which each machine, line or plant has really been productive. 

  • Reliable information, represented visually and in real time, on your machines and production. 
  • Speeds up decision making at the plant. 
  • Your key KPIs displayed visually. 
  • Detects and corrects errors quickly. 
  • Global overview of manufacturing efficiency, anytime, anywhere

Advanced warehouse management

Because it’s not enough to know how much of each type of material we have at any given time. Advanced industrial measurement solution formed by an alert system.

  • Measures, visualizes and manages the past, present and future resources of your production process.
  • Anticipates stockouts.
  • Allows you to keep smaller stocks.
  • Significant savings and improved efficiency.

Industrial control and measurement

Collects all the data from the production system, filters, groups and connects it.

  • Measures, visualizes and manages all production processes in a simple way.
  • Reliable information, and in real time, on your machines and production.
  • Error prevention.
  • Speeds up decision making at the plant.
  • Global overview of manufacturing efficiency, anytime, anywhere.
  • Control of all your machines, resources and processes.
  • Specialized filters for the sheet metal sector.


Information at a glance to make better decisions.
Access from anywhere. High security. Always up-to-date.
Datawarehouse in the cloud.
Analyze the data from different perspectives: time period, plant, material, thickness, client, work center, etc.
Access on any device, anywhere, anytime.
Fully customizable control panel


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