We have to make business decisions every day. Some with a greater impact than others. They may be strategic or operational, but they all have one thing in common: the better the data you base the decision on, the higher the chances that it is the right decision.

Many companies do not have the data; they have to request them. Extracting them is a manual process involving a great deal of work, and the quality of said data is not always the best.

Data quality is measured by precision and opportuneness. If the data do not reflect reality, we run the risk of making incorrect decisions. And if the data do not arrive when we need them, if they demonstrate past time series, or if they take a great deal of time and effort to prepare, they not opportune data.

Accurate data, opportune data. And a consultation system available at any time, on any device, with real-time information and historical data. And with the ability to see both generally and specifically, to have an aggregate view as well as a detailed one. As well as a view of all areas of the factory, of the manufacturing area and the sales area.

Lantek is concerned with obtaining this information, gathering data, cleansing them, processing them, and making them available to customers on an intuitive and multi-device tool accessible from anywhere.

Do you have accurate and opportune data to make decisions with?


Within manufacturing analytics, there is a general and efficient benchmark rate for equipment: OEE (overall equipment effectiveness). This indicator groups and measures all the essential parameters: Availability, Efficiency, and Quality.

Knowing the real OEE of each machine, each line, and each factory, seeing their evolution, and finding the reasons for changes are some of the main vectors for improving the efficiency of the production process. From macro to micro, from the entire year’s general OEE to yesterday’s OEE for one machine’s availability. Accuracy and opportuneness for decision-making.

In addition to the OEE and each of its components, information and stock evolution, on material consumption and real utilization of material in each nesting. From micro to macro.



Another important factor for a company is its sales success. Details on delivered and accepted quotes, their sales funnels, and their geolocation. Sales evolution, costs, and margins, deviation from the budget, sales performance, customer analytics, and production associated with each customer... In short, this is a complete view for decision-making at your disposal.



Production process and sales process analytics focus on analyzing the past in a given time frame. However, in addition to the past, at Lantek we would like you to be updated in real time on what is happening in your factory. And that is why Lantek Control Panel is available.

Since production managers need to be informed at all times of what’s happening on their line or in their factory, Lantek Control Panel is an application that allows them to receive notifications on their cell phone or at their desk. It also has a status panel for each machine, indicating what it is doing, its status, the time remaining on each job, and the workload pending completion. A powerful application so that, at any time and from any device connected to the Internet, you have all the information about what is going on at your factory.

Manufacturing Analytics. Customer Analytics. Control Panel. A trio of applications essential for your business available for any device connected to the Internet, because what data do you currently base your business decisions on at your company?