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Software to optimise equipment for retail outlets

Software to optimise equipment for retail outlets
Food display cabinets, refrigerators, endcaps, shelves, display cases, etc. The world of point of sale equipment in the retail sector is as diverse as are its requirements. Retail establishments require customised equipment, designed according to the specific characteristics of each premises and the type of food and drink to be preserved, with different sizes and configurations to suit the retail space, not to mention the finishes. All this is must be configured and production must be precisely controlled, adjusted to meet the time constraints of each order.

Successfully using data for sheet metal processing

The IT expert Lantek has positive results on the last day of Blechexpo 2019. The software innovations that run on the new Lantek 360 platform were met with great interest at the stand itself. With the highly acclaimed lecture "The Path of Data in Sheet Metal Processing," Lantek product manager Javier Román confirmed the expertise of the software specialists in the field of digital transformation of companies of all sizes in sheet metal processing.

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Lantek to analyze data’s journey in the metal cutting industry at Blechexpo 2019

Lantek, a multinational company focused on the development and sale of CAD/CAM/MES/ERP software and pioneer in the digital transformation of companies in the metalworking industry, will be participating in the Blechexpo 2019 trade show, which will take place from November 5 to November 8 in Stuttgart, with a presentation on the value of data in the sheet metal cutting industry.

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Lantek to demonstrate three new products at FABTECH 2019

Lantek Sheet Metal Solutions is eager to present three new advanced manufacturing software modules for sheet metal manufacturers in booth A3521 at FABTECH in Chicago, IL November 11-14. Lantek Analytics, MetalShop, and iQuoting are modules that aim to provide quick and easy access to decision makers and production planners for more accurate business analytics and quoting.

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Lantek to present six educational sessions at FABTECH 2019

Lantek is honored and excited to participate in six educational sessions November 11 – 14, 2019 at FABTECH (Booth A3521) in Chicago, IL. Each session will focus on how technological advances are transforming manufacturing from the shop floor to the supply chain while enticing younger generations for workforce development.

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