Oxy-Fuel Sheet Metal Drawing Software

Lantek has the most advanced sheet metal drawing software system for manufacturing sheet metal and heavy plate with oxy-fuel cutting machines: Lantek Expert Cut.

Lantek Expert Cut supports technological elements such as chamfers, loops and bridges.  These technological elements can be assigned manually or automatically according to material/thickness.

Lantek Expert Cut also manages different types of heads/torches and handles any changes between them for optimal cutting conditions.

Lantek Expert Cut is able to simulate in 3D the cutting sequence of any oxy-fuel machine, providing a powerful tool to avoid undesired behaviors in the real operation.

Other important features are:

  • Multi-Torch
  • Geometry marking with several part marking options based on the marking devices available: powder, punch, cut, inkjets, drill, stamping, a.k.a. hydraulic marking, etc.
  • Chamfers: revolving and triple torches
  • Micro-joints to anchor part to plate
  • Bevels to generate beveled cut (control of triple and rotary torches)
  • Bridges to reduce the number of piercings and cutting time
  • Multi-blowlamp - automatic multi-torch nesting for machines with manual/automatic torches
  • Continuous cut which allows automatic continuous cut between different parts, reducing machining time and cost
  • Linear cut for rectangular/square parts

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