Subcontractor cutting metal

You are a specialized supplier. Your clients value your expertise, your commitment to deliveries, and your flexibility. Your day-to-day is complex. You need to prioritize and make changes about your planning at any time. You need to ensure that your budgets guarantee the profitability of your business. You need to manage efficiently the materials, costs, time, and consumption.

Lantek puts at your disposal its full portfolio of products, which allows you to respond better to your clients. Capable of integrating with all of the systems you have already implemented, Lantek includes those belonging to your suppliers and clients. Our solutions adapt to any production environment, are compatible with all existing cutting and punching machines, and have the fullest range of functions, which will give you total control over your company´s production, as you demand.

Discover the extent to which Lantek solutions are capable of improving your productivity and competitiveness.

"Discover the functional characteristics of our solution for your company."

Lantek covers everything in your value chain you need for your customers.

Control of raw material stock by format, thickness and material, management of scraps, detection of stock breakage, and management that allows your purchases to be made at the right time.

Flexibility in production, with partial or grouped invoicing and delivery and with the capacity for prioritization and sequence changing

Precise and fast quote generator that considers the specific machine with which you will perform the work


Handle all available data from potential and existing customers, plan and control commercial actions.

Prepare your quotes precisely, using Lantek specialized set of tools.

Control your commercial risk defining limits per customer and detecting when credit limit is exceeded.

Manage every sales order status and have every document in place: order, delivery note, quote, or any other document you already use.

CAM Design

Thanks to the processing capacity of Lantek software and its advanced algorithm, you can calculate the most optimal nesting for each technology, making use of the material without neglecting the quality and finishing of your pieces.

Furthermore, you can make use of CNC adapted to the various machines and technologies that you have at your disposal, which are optimized for preserving the life of the machinery and its tools. This also optimizes energy consumption and shortens operating times.

Lantek faces any machine and any scenario and integrates all auxiliary elements that you already have (palletizers, robotic arms, etc.).


  • Overall production control
    • Job inbound
    • Job Queue Management
    • Change management
  • Operator´s post control
    • Job execution
    • Job validation
    • Failure management


Establish comprehensive control for orders to your customers, using tracking and quality controls if you need them.

Generate the tickets and invoices you need, adjusted to each delivery, and control the status of the orders at all times.


Lantek offers you the necessary functionality to have complete control over your needs, to forecast consumption and purchases, and to generate requests for material before stock breakages. In summary, Lantek synchronizes the acquisition of raw materials and components with the rhythm of the production.

Control the status, location and amount of raw materials and semi-finished or finished products, even those located at your customers´ facilities, knowing the value of your stock at all times.


  • Order handling
  • Invoice handling
  • Payment management for purchases and sales


  • Cash management
    • Banking
  • Accounting

"Find out about the various pieces that make up our solution."

Importing of definition of pieces and nests

Lantek has several software products that incorporate into the work platform any CAD generated formats for nesting files, whether provided by clients or exported from external systems.

CNC - CAD/CAM Programming

Find out how to program the CNC of the most advanced cutting and punching machines in the world.

Machine operator

Lantek links with your machine to provide operations with the highest performance possible and with full situational control at all times from the operator´s post. The rest of the company knows what has occurred, what is occurring and what will occur at all times in a precise and clear manner in real time.


Take control of your production with our MES manufacturing management software, which allows you to make the appropriate decisions and to direct your production like the most developed companies do.

Management and administration

Thanks to the most complete modular and scalable platform in the industry, all of your needs are covered for suitably administrating and managing your company:


Lantek has the capacity to put the production of your plant into automatic mode, configuring manufacturing cells or automating your entire plant. You are able to integrate your SCADA systems and machinery, regardless of how different they may be.


Lantek is capable of integrating into the most diverse systems around, as a result of its REPLICA integration mechanisms. As a user, you obtain a joint operation of your existing systems with your Lantek solution in a seamless manner. Furthermore, you are able to integrate even your suppliers´ and/or customers´ systems.

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