turret punch software

Lantek has the optimal software system for manufacturing sheet metal with punching machines: Lantek Expert Punch. Lantek´s turret punch software can also be configured for each product or material / thickness to enable the optimization of costs and processes through smart automation.

Lantek Expert Punch correctly manages Auto-index tools, Multi-tool stations and all tool types, from the most standard to tools for forming, embossing, drilling, threading, stamping, rolling, etc.

The system genuinely takes into account the characteristics of each station of the turret punch or linear store. Standard turret punches can also be configured for each product or material / thickness.

Lantek Expert Punch is able to simulate in 3D the cutting sequence of any punching machine, providing a powerful tool to avoid undesired behaviors in the real operation.

Automatic punching software

The machining of the geometry is totally automatic in accordance with working rules which are completely configurable by the user and the limits of the machine. In addition to this, the selection made by the system can be very easily changed for macro instructions to be used.

It is possible to optimize the use of punches, both by turret and/or number of punching hits and it can also prioritize used punches, so number of used tools (limited number of stations) and tool changes (production efficiency) can be reduced.

Lantek Expert Punch also stands out for the possibility it gives of carrying out common punching and sheet replacement totally automatically.

Added technologies (shearing and cutting)

Both shearing machines and combined machines with a cutting head can also be programmed and automatically managed.

Manual and automatic punching

In the Nesting module, the machining is automatically generated in accordance with various criteria for optimizing of path, angle or time. However it is easy to modify the punching order, type of micro-joint, etc., either semi-automatically or manually.

The CNC programs are generated instantaneously and if various parts are being worked with, sub-programs can be used.

The user may personalize the machining of specific parts by means of macros which he can generate himself.

In addition to this, the system has pre-defined macros which are of great use for carrying out cut outs, one- touch figures and similar single-punch operations.

Extractions: manual and automatic

Lantek Expert Punch controls all the possible ways of separating and removing the parts from the sheet, automatically: micro-joints, trap doors, machine stoppage, boxes assignment, part removing systems (lift with vacuum, magnets…) and integrated shear using a conveyor system.

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