OEE systems: find out the real performance of your plant

In the industrial sector, being aware of our plant’s profitability is key in order to remain competitive, even more so, in this new digital ecosystem, where remote work has been incorporated into our day-to-day life making it necessary to use artificial intelligence technology and sensorization so that we can be more efficient. In this sense, having KPIs that can measure production efficiency so that we can introduce corrective measures is absolutely vital.

The shipbuilding sector in the orbit of digitalisation

Innovation, competitiveness, Industry 4.0, technology, digitalisation... These are terms that have been used in combination for some time now in practically all leading industrial sectors, including the shipbuilding sector, whose transformation "a priori" may be more complex.

MLOps or how to accelerate factory optimization by automating processes

Today’s companies are transforming their businesses using machine learning (ML). From medical services to workshops, machine learning is becoming increasingly useful in all industries, understanding markets and optimizing business models.