Lantek Advanced Integrations

At Lantek, we help take the first step towards Digital Transformation with customized projects for interconnecting with ERP, MRP, CRM, and machine systems, which allows for order consolidation, advanced planning, and integration into information systems.

Consolidating Manufacturing Orders

For many subcontractors, manufacturing orders are increasingly coming from different places: different sales offices, distributors, and even online sales channels. (Have you heard about our Metal Shop?) And of course there are many that have long-term production agreements with major clients.

Lantek Order Consolidation collects all these orders and classifies, filters and organizes them, searching for the most suitable production sequence. Our algorithms search for similarities in regard to materials, dimensions and distance to delivery point, proposing ways to group and prioritize them.

Advanced Planning: Automatic optimization

Lantek Order Consolidation works together with Lantek Advanced Planning, and provides complete optimization for multi-plant companies. The system will analyze and propose the best production planning for each machine, line or plant for these orders in regard to objective efficiency criteria that can be parameterized according to your goals: minimizing cost, minimizing delivery time, minimizing resource underuse, etc.

The power of Industry 4.0 is expressed in the ability to process thousands of possible data points with algorithms for optimization in regard to objective criteria.


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