Lantek iQuoting

Lantek iQuoting is the solution for simplifying your sheet metal quoting process. With just five easy steps, generate accurate quotes easily from any device with an internet connection. Multiple calculation methods are available to suit your preferences, and importing DXF files can result in quotes being generated within seconds.

Transform your Quoting game

Are you tired of spending countless hours generating quotes for your clients? There is an easier way of managing the quoting process.

Whether you are in the office or on the go, with Lantek iQuoting, a powerful SaaS cloud app that simplifies your quoting process you can generate accurate quotes in just five easy steps from any device with internet connection without compromising the accuracy of calculations. iQuoting offers multiple calculation methods to suit your preferences and allows you to import DXF or DWG files, assign secondary operations, and apply pricing strategy in minutes.

The result? You will save time and boost your sales by increasing collaboration with all quotes centralized in the same place. Sign up for Lantek iQuoting today and join the ranks of forward-thinking companies that are embracing the power of SaaS cloud apps.

Quote in 5 easy steps

Save time in the quotation process with just 5 simple steps;

  1. Main data: select the customer and enter the relevant data.
  2. Parts definition: parts are loaded and defined using two options: drag and drop geometry files or quickly add parts without geometry file.
  3. Calculations: automatic calculations are performed using the Lantek CAD/CAM engine, including cutting times and material consumption estimates.
  4. Pricing strategy: pricing strategy is defined, including checking the sales rate, applying discounts if necessary, and adding surcharges or additional costs.
  5. Quotation: the quotation can be downloaded and sent to the end customer.

User-Friendly and Collaborative

Generating quotes can be a daunting task, especially when complex calculations are involved. But with Lantek iQuoting, you don’t need specialized skills to use it. You can say goodbye to those Excel formulas that only a few understand. Our user-friendly app is very intuitive and has been designed to simplify the quoting process, thinking of all kinds of users. With everything centralized in one location, collaborating with team members, and keeping your business activity on track has never been easier. By using Lantek iQuoting, you can streamline your workflow, save time, and increase your productivity.

Intuitively innovative, built on a proven foundation

At Lantek, we believe in combining the best of both worlds: the power of SaaS and innovation with the knowledge and expertise of the sheet metal industry. That’s why iQuoting not only boasts a fresh and intuitive design, but also offers advanced technical capabilities thanks to our historical and powerful Lantek CAD/CAM engine.

iQuoting’s automatic calculations, performed by the Lantek CAD/CAM engine, ensure that every quote is accurate and consistent, regardless of the user knowledge or the complexity of the part being quoted. Once your quotes are accepted you also have the possibility to upload the quoted parts into Lantek Expert and/or Manager for a full process cycle. As we are constantly innovating and improving our products, iQuoting incorporates a touch of AI to provide even more advanced calculation methods.

Whether you’re a small business owner or part of a large team, Lantek iQuoting can help you optimize your metalworking process and take your business to the next level.




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