laser cutting design software

Lantek has the most advanced software system for manufacturing sheet metal with laser cutting machines: Lantek Expert Cut.

Lantek Expert Cut provides laser specific technology tables for each type of machine.  There are up to twelve different cutting qualities that can be created per material/thickness to define: power, speed, frequency, gas, piercing, etc. 

The laser cutting design software is specific for each type of machine, management of reduced lead-ins, lead-in with runback, customized piercing, sprint-laser, micro-joints, micro-welds, head management, contour attributes, manual and automatic extractions, etc.

Lantek Expert Cut is able to simulate in 3D the cutting sequence of any laser  machine, providing a powerful tool to avoid undesired behaviors in the real operation.

Other features of Lantek Expert Laser Technology include:

  • Reduced entry management
  • Back entry
  • Personalized piercings
  • Fast piercing
  • Film burning
  • Sprint laser
  • Flying cut
  • Micro-joints (enabling part to be joined to the plate)
  • Automatic/Manual Loops (allowing corners to be cut with a sharp angle)
  • Automatic/Manual Evacuations via trapdoor, unloading system, machine stop or micro-joints
  • Automatic/Manual Loading or Unloading plates
  • Automation of plate skeleton cutting
  • Complete management of cut part unloading – stacking
  • Head management – Lantek Expert enables working with the head up or down, automatically detects conflicts and makes modifications to prevent and solve collisions.
  • Sheet holes destruction

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