Lantek Maintenance

When delivering a solution, the after-sales service accompanying it is as important as the product itself. Lantek delivers the best products available on the market and its services are of the highest quality.

There are different kinds of maintenance and support contracts so that that each customer can choose the one that best meets the specific requirements of their company.

Advantages that this service can provide to our customers are:

  • Discounts on training
  • Precedence telephone service
  • Continuous software update (new version, service packs)
  • Discounts on technician visits to customer premises
  • Private access to Lantek extranet, where the following information is available:
    • Knowledge Base. An extensive database that provides the answers to our customers’ FAQs. This information can be of assistance to you, reducing the response time for questions on installation, set-up or the application itself
    • A section in which you can find the latest upgrades or technical documents for the software
    • Access to customer enquiries or incidences, where you can track enquiries made in the past, as well as verify their status in real time