Lantek has a long track of constructing powerful software systems using the most advanced technologies and software development methodologies and focusing to adapt these systems to the needs and characteristics of the sheet metal, tube and beam processing industries. This is what we call Manufacturing oriented software systems (MOSS), the wider software portfolio for the metal companies.

Lantek Expert is the World’s most advanced CAD/CAM nesting software system, designed for automating the CNC programming of sheet metal machines.

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Lantek Flex3D is the most flexible 3D CAD/CAM software, totally engineered by Lantek and conceived for automating the CNC programming for 3D machining tubes, pipes, beams, profiles, and sheet metal.

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Lantek products intended for companies who wish to acquire a complete and competitive solution to manage and optimize their manufacturing processes.

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Full web platform covering the whole process cycle in a metal company, from the initial process of sales until the end service support.

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We capture the key data of your production process with our IoT platform, and our 30 years of experience managing cutting processes enables us to offer you a Control Panel with the fundamental ratios for decision-making.

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Data interconnection services to connect CAD/CAM and MES production programs with a wide range of machines and their production states, as well as with other information systems such as CRMs, MRPs, or ERPs.

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