Tamás Kutnyánszky, CEO of Lamitec

Lantek interviews Tamás Kutnyánszky, CEO of Lamitec, the new distributor of Lantek In Hungary.

Cyber security or how to manage vulnerabilities in industrial environments

Incorporating intelligence into factories is necessary in order for any industrial plant to compete in the 4.0 ecosystem, increase productivity and offer a personalized product and/or service, but this implies dealing with new vulnerabilities and, consequently, new security threats because machines, processes and information systems have to be in open networks, connected to the Internet, which increases exposure to cyberattacks.

How machine learning will revolutionize manufacturing

Let’s think for a moment about the high volume of data generated by companies. Data about customers, suppliers, productivity, human resources... Information that, in many cases, is not integrated into all business departments so there is no overall vision or, what is worse, it is not even digitized. Both weaknesses stall decision making and/or can lead to wrong decisions. And in this new digital ecosystem, data is the raw material of Industry 4.0.