SHEET HAPPENS III: How to use nesting explorer

When tackling a CNC job at Lantek, the first thing I am asked to do is create the complete job, which includes programming all the parts in sub-jobs on the different machines in the workshop together with the qualities, thicknesses, and sheet metal formats of the material.

I want to implement a laser cutting installation, what do I need to consider?

We are quite often faced with a recurring question from our clients, companies that have made the complicated decision to buy a laser cutting machine but have no clear criterion or contrast data to help them find out which is the right machine for them.

Smart Factory: integration of manufacturing processes in multi-location companies

Competitiveness and the capacity to adapt have become the axes that support the success of any business. Nowadays, the many changing intrinsic factors in each region and sector, macroeconomic trends of a hyperconnected global market, specific regulatory aspects in each country, or the consumer’s own behavior, can have a positive or negative impact on the results of any organization.