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Lantek Flex3d is evolving to resolve a variety of issues in the manufacturing and cutting of tubes

Once again showing its commitment to innovation in the sheet metal sector, Lantek is launching a new version of its tube cutting software, Flex3d, in an aim to address the great range of tube formats, designs and cuts demanded by the market.

Digitize your plant to reduce machining errors

Digitization is changing the way we manufacture, simplifying and improving the production processes of the sheet metal and metal industry with digital solutions that optimize manufacturing. And the machining sector is no exception.

Predictive maintenance in the metal industry

Thanks to artificial intelligence, automatic learning (Machine Learning), Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT) we’re able to carry out plant maintenance in a more intelligent way, using the available resources more efficiently, as well as anticipating possible failures using predictive techniques (predictive maintenance) with the consequent savings in time and costs. Predictive maintenance is a developing field that makes it possible to analyze machine and/or process parameters, detecting abnormal behavior in advance that, if not repaired, could go on to cause an unexpected failure, allowing us to resolve problems before they even occur.