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Lantek Integra, a comprehensive ERP system for metal companies

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed our lives and, along with it, the way in which we once carried out our most habitual processes. Equally, there’s no denying that, in view of this new situation, companies that previously expressed their misgivings about digitization processes have now come to realize just how important they are.

The value of connectivity in a Factory

In this era of pandemic, connectivity has shown just how valuable it is. Following lockdown, manufacturers adapted their workflow and the way they operated in order to continue producing. Those that were able to work remotely did so to maintain safety distances. But... what are the differences between factories with varying levels of connectivity?

Lantek’s solutions for reliable quotations

The process of selling a new product or project is a particularly delicate one and bringing it to fruition depends, in many cases, on having carried out a correct cost analysis. Experience shows that accurate quoting in a sector such as sheet metal and metal is not a simple task. Many parameters and variables must be considered and if any are missed out, the resulting mistakes may have significant impact on the overall management of the company.