SHEET HAPPENS II: It is important to know how to draw in Lantek software?

SHEET HAPPENS" is a column written by a Lantek customer, a seasoned professional who has overcome thousands of challenges. In this blog series, he will regularly give us tips, tricks and "best practices" on Lantek Expert. We look forward to each episode - hopefully you do too.

Industrial automation or how to save time and money

When we talk about automation we mean using technology to reduce the need for human intervention within a plant. The aim is to optimize the factory, making it more productive and, ultimately, more competitive in an environment where competition is growing and margins are becoming increasingly narrower.

Continuous improvement in the production of steel plate parts

All companies must be prepared for the return of products for whatever reason. And a production plant is no different. Both the number and the reasons for returns or defects detected in production must be controlled if your company wishes to improve its reject ratio.