Lantek, the Force Behind

"The Force is not just about moving rocks. It’s about understanding the connections between all things. When you understand the connections between all things, you understand the Force." - Luke Skywalker

OEE systems: find out the real performance of your plant

In the industrial sector, being aware of our plant’s profitability is key in order to remain competitive, even more so, in this new digital ecosystem, where remote work has been incorporated into our day-to-day life making it necessary to use artificial intelligence technology and sensorization so that we can be more efficient. In this sense, having KPIs that can measure production efficiency so that we can introduce corrective measures is absolutely vital.

Digitization and localization, keys for making supply chains resistant in the post COVID-19 era

In mid-March, when lockdown had only just started in many countries, we were writing about the digitization of supply chains to place value on the importance of using Industry 4.0 enablers (Digital Factory).