SHEET HAPPENS III: How to use nesting explorer

When tackling a CNC job at Lantek, the first thing I am asked to do is create the complete job, which includes programming all the parts in sub-jobs on the different machines in the workshop together with the qualities, thicknesses, and sheet metal formats of the material.

Tamás Kutnyánszky, CEO of Lamitec

Lantek interviews Tamás Kutnyánszky, CEO of Lamitec, the new distributor of Lantek In Hungary.

Software to optimise equipment for retail outlets

Food display cabinets, refrigerators, endcaps, shelves, display cases, etc. The world of point of sale equipment in the retail sector is as diverse as are its requirements. Retail establishments require customised equipment, designed according to the specific characteristics of each premises and the type of food and drink to be preserved, with different sizes and configurations to suit the retail space, not to mention the finishes. All this is must be configured and production must be precisely controlled, adjusted to meet the time constraints of each order.