How machine learning will revolutionize manufacturing

Let’s think for a moment about the high volume of data generated by companies. Data about customers, suppliers, productivity, human resources... Information that, in many cases, is not integrated into all business departments so there is no overall vision or, what is worse, it is not even digitized. Both weaknesses stall decision making and/or can lead to wrong decisions. And in this new digital ecosystem, data is the raw material of Industry 4.0.


通常以来,工厂会在加大生产和/或进行多样化生产时,引入第二台机床。 但是 也会用这种方式来解决小批量生产中问题。 这是因为,如果将自动化大批量生产设备停下来进行小批量生产,会导致成本高昂。 要弥补这一缺口而不中断大批量生产,很多工厂会额外采用一台更加经济、无需自动化但可用性更高的设备。


新型冠状病毒肺炎疫情告诉了我们根据客观、精确的数据进行决策的重要性。 上述数据的可靠性和质量是至关重要的,我们必须明确使用哪些数据来证明决策的合理性并添加价值。 但不是什么旧数据都可以。