Nukon Lasers UK collaborates with Lantek UK for laser cutting excellence.

Premium Turkish laser manufacturer Nukon is one of Lantek’s OEM collaborative partners, combining the 2D and 3D technology of Nukon’s lasers with the expertise Lantek brings to the industry with its Lantek Expert software for programming 2D lasers and its Flex3D software for tube cutting lasers.

Advanced punching using the Shearbutton and Easysnap tools

The updating and reformulation of technological solutions is a crucial element in solving the design, nesting, machining and manufacturing needs of companies in the metal transformation sector. This involves the monitored use of new tools, which present new challenges in the programming field to achieve the most urgent or unexpected processes.

Adaptation and customization, beyond software

In the age of digitization, a company’s ability to customize their offer is crucial to enable them to become the preferred choice of current and future customers. This is an adaptation which is necessary in every sector, and the metal industry is not exempt: how do you differentiate yourself from the competition? The key is not in the product, nor in the software per se, but in the processes and in the way that the various pieces of software are adapted to them.