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Software to optimise equipment for retail outlets

Food display cabinets, refrigerators, endcaps, shelves, display cases, etc. The world of point of sale equipment in the retail sector is as diverse as are its requirements. Retail establishments require customised equipment, designed according to the specific characteristics of each premises and the type of food and drink to be preserved, with different sizes and configurations to suit the retail space, not to mention the finishes. All this is must be configured and production must be precisely controlled, adjusted to meet the time constraints of each order.

Cloud Computing: the advantages of being in the cloud for the metal industry

Digital transformation is making increasingly decentralized environments possible. As well as mobile devices and software tools that interconnect machines and processes while capturing data, storing all of the information generated by factories in the cloud makes it possible for us to take greater advantage of all of the information in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

Lantek talks to Julian Adkins at C Brown and Sons about its use of Integra and Expert

C Brown and Sons has been using Lantek Integra and Expert for over 7 years, choosing it to get the benefits of an integrated manufacturing and management system. Based in Dudley, West Midlands, UK, C. Brown processes mild steel parts for its customers in the yellow goods, construction and general fabrication markets, servicing major UK OEMs and their supply chains.