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The importance of making data-based decisions in the sheet metal industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of making decisions that are based on objective and accurate data. The reliability and quality of said data is fundamental and we must know exactly which data to use in order to justify decisions and add value. But we can’t just use any old data.

The automation of processes in sheet metal plants, lever for competitiveness

Even before the pandemic, the automation of processes in sheet metal plants was a lever for competitiveness, but now, following the impact of Covid, it has become an indispensable competitive advantage for any factory that wants to survive scenarios as disruptive as the ones that we are witnessing.

Lantek Integra, a comprehensive ERP system for metal companies

Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed our lives and, along with it, the way in which we once carried out our most habitual processes. Equally, there’s no denying that, in view of this new situation, companies that previously expressed their misgivings about digitization processes have now come to realize just how important they are.