For another 35 years: the future is in our hands

With Lantek’s 35th birthday candles still smoking, it’s gratifying to see that, thanks to the vision, talent and energy of all of our Lantekers, we have managed to position our company as leaders of the Sheet Metal industry. It’s nothing new to find out that innovation is in our DNA and is by far our greatest hallmark. Year after year, we outdo ourselves, offering value to our clients, helping our sector to develop and also challenging our competition, making it a little more difficult for them each time.

System Integration or Integrated Systems?

Is it possible today to answer unequivocally which approach is better? Over the last few decades, integrated systems for business management have appeared on the market, replacing a number of separate solutions dedicated to individual areas, such as: manufacturing, warehousing, outsourcing, invoicing, accounting, human resources and payroll. These and other aspects of business management need to be integrated for the business to operate as a single unit.

Reducing the carbon footprint in the industry

Nine million people around the world die each year from diseases related to environmental pollution: over a million species are in danger of extinction; and the temperature of the planet is due to rise by three degrees by the end of this century. Pollution, loss of biodiversity and extreme weather patterns are the threats facing us due to climate change, according to a report by the UN.