Lantek has the software tools to get the most from your raw material

The metal price index has gone up by over 20% in the last 12 months resulting in material shortages and large hikes in the cost of sheet metal. Stainless steel has seen even more dramatic rises due to the high cost of nickel.

Technology and Industry 4.0: meeting the challenge with the right partner

Industry 4.0 has filled many pages recently, becoming a common word in the vocabulary of companies from any sector. In fact, its potential for improving productivity is immense. But we must remember that this concept includes dozens of very different technologies, each with different implications and results. The challenge for industrial companies is therefore to know their capabilities in detail and draw up a plan to transform production processes step by step.

6 steps for building the Digital Smart Factory

When we talk about the Digital Smart Factory we mean intelligent and advanced manufacturing supported by digitization and the interconnection of processes and machines to collect and process data. It involves the participation of all the departments of a plant, from production planning to remote maintenance, including system integration or data analytics.