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The integration of systems as a strategy for business optimization

When a company decides to go ahead with the digitization of its processes, it tends to be aiming for greater visibility, traceability and optimization, which generally implies improvements in efficiency and decision-making.

Opportunities of the digital transformation of industrial machinery

When facing the current environment of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA) which is also highly competitive, the digitization of industrial material is an essential differential value in order to quickly adapt to market requirements. It’s a must in order to optimize plant production and respond to new consumption habits that require agile, personalized manufacturing in record times.

Cyber security or how to manage vulnerabilities in industrial environments

Incorporating intelligence into factories is necessary in order for any industrial plant to compete in the 4.0 ecosystem, increase productivity and offer a personalized product and/or service, but this implies dealing with new vulnerabilities and, consequently, new security threats because machines, processes and information systems have to be in open networks, connected to the Internet, which increases exposure to cyberattacks.