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The value of connectivity in a Factory

In this era of pandemic, connectivity has shown just how valuable it is. Following lockdown, manufacturers adapted their workflow and the way they operated in order to continue producing. Those that were able to work remotely did so to maintain safety distances. But... what are the differences between factories with varying levels of connectivity?

Digitalization and remote working: two concepts combined to bring us the opportunity to work everywhere

As we saw at the start of the pandemic, digitized companies have been those best able to overcome the limitations of confinement. They have also had, and continue to have, the greatest potential to succeed in these times of uncertainty. In times of coronavirus, the value of connectivity has been recognized for its ability to enable productive activity to continue through remote working.

Lantek enables Emsea to create around 50 quotations per day for its sheet metal clients

The speed of responding to customers with a competitive quotation is a major factor in the success of its business according to Elliott Causer, Production Supervisor at Emsea based in Tewkesbury (UK).