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Lantek’s solutions for reliable quotations

The process of selling a new product or project is a particularly delicate one and bringing it to fruition depends, in many cases, on having carried out a correct cost analysis. Experience shows that accurate quoting in a sector such as sheet metal and metal is not a simple task. Many parameters and variables must be considered and if any are missed out, the resulting mistakes may have significant impact on the overall management of the company.

Lantek enables Emsea to create around 50 quotations per day for its sheet metal clients

The speed of responding to customers with a competitive quotation is a major factor in the success of its business according to Elliott Causer, Production Supervisor at Emsea based in Tewkesbury (UK).

Kerf Developments and Lantek collaboration delivers industry leading plasma technology

Kerf Developments has been building plasma, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting machines since 2002. The company originally started as a service-based organisation repairing and upgrading a broad range of profile cutting machinery. It was the experiences gained working on such a varied range of equipment that formed the basis of the current machine range.