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ACE Ceiling Products completes prestigious projects with help from Lantek

ACE Ceiling Products has been manufacturing bespoke sheet metal components since the early 80s and is a leader in its specialist field of bespoke construction projects and ceilings. A step change in its business was the introduction of Amada CNC punching machines in 1998, enabling it to produce micro perforated sheets which have 1.5mm diameter holes at 2mm pitch, widely used in the industry for specialist ceiling tiles.

Lantek solutions for integrating a corporate ERP

“I need to integrate my (ERP) Enterprise Resource Planning system. How do I do it?” This question is more common that it might seem and, despite the fact that the customization of products and services is commonplace in the metal and sheet metal industry, at Lantek we wanted to provide a solution for those that already have a corporate ERP and need to integrate it into the system. In other words, although Lantek has its own software for managing 100% of a metal company called Lantek Integra, we are aware that it is our responsibility to provide other solutions for those that have their own ERP and want to keep it.

How to optimize the production of elevators, escalators, mobile ramps and walkways

The final consumer uses it daily, at least, during their working day. We take for granted that our residential buildings, offices or businesses have it, as do airports, hospitals, factories or ports, even means of transport. Ultimately, every building or infrastructure of a certain size that relies upon automatic movement inside it to facilitate the everyday lives of the final beneficiaries: people.