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Lantek talks to Julian Adkins at C Brown and Sons about its use of Integra and Expert

C Brown and Sons has been using Lantek Integra and Expert for over 7 years, choosing it to get the benefits of an integrated manufacturing and management system. Based in Dudley, West Midlands, UK, C. Brown processes mild steel parts for its customers in the yellow goods, construction and general fabrication markets, servicing major UK OEMs and their supply chains.

Smart pricing

It is generally quite difficult to know exactly how much each process contributes to a product’s value chain. The sheet metal world is not immune to the difficulty of estimating the right price for the product. There is an infinite number of processes that add value to a product: material used, scrap generated, cutting time, consumables used, labor associated with production, miscellaneous indirect costs, etc.

Intelligent Collision Avoidance

Lantek recently developed a new algorithm called ICA “Intelligent Collision Avoidance ) in order to minimize potential collisions between the head and unstable contours. When the new algorithm detects which contours pose a potential risk of falling and being positioned on top of nearby contours, the system automatically assigns a micro-cut at the end of said contour. Thanks to this new algorithm, the cutting process has taken another step toward full automation and unattended cutting, minimizing the risk of machine shutdowns due to collisions.