After a difficult year, the outlook for the steel sector is still complicated

2020 was quite a turbulent year. The main factors needed for steel production (and the whole ecosystem surrounding it) were not entirely favorable.

Journeying to the Cloud to reduce the digital divide in the industrial sector following the pandemic

Covid-19 has highlighted that, without the digitization of processes, it’s difficult to maintain business continuity, that supply chains are fragile and information is unreliable, exposing a digital divide between more or less digitized companies. Those who fail to cover this gap fall by the wayside, which means that accelerating transformative processes planned in the medium and long term is essential in order to adapt to this new disruptive reality, where everything happens at breakneck speed.

Improving our clients’ interoperability with Assembly to Nesting

The modern industrial design is supported by different CAD 3D software suites. These platforms allow the user to design everything from small parts to large structures made up of thousands of components (pieces of folded sheet metal, tubes, generic components, etc.).