Waterjet, oxycut, plasma or laser, which cutting technology should I use?

There is significant competition in the market between different cutting technologies, whether they are intended for sheet metal, tubes or profiles. There are those that use methods of mechanical cutting by abrasion, such as waterjet and punch machines, and others that prefer thermal methods, such as oxycut, plasma or laser.

We also deliver in two hours - Transparent and specific processes in sheet metal processing

Wiechmann Ketten- u. Kettenräderbau GmbH in Edewecht, Lower Saxony, processes around 8,000 tons of raw material annually in its sheet metal processing division to produce parts for a wide range of purposes and industries. Some are also assembled into complete components, including interim external processing. With Lantek software, all processes are always transparent, manageable, and traceable. An interview with Managing Director Andre Wiechmann and Technical Director Hinrich Böhlje.

Lantek iQuoting, simple and accurate quoting

In the sheet metal industry, preparing the quotation for an order is complex, not only because the customer wants the quotation as soon as possible, but also because it involves several variables that, like a puzzle, must fit together perfectly to maximize the use of the material and adjust the offer to the customer profile with an adequate margin.