SHEET HAPPENS VII: The art of taming stocks of sheet metal: Configuration and good practices

Today we are looking at how to keep control of sheet metal stocks and remnants. Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed, trying to keep track of all the different sheet sizes and remnants you’ve been adding on the fly? Now, you keep getting a huge selection of sheet sizes options that appear every time you try to use “do all” in the automatic nesting and machining page.

The importance of making data-based decisions in the sheet metal industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of making decisions that are based on objective and accurate data. The reliability and quality of said data is fundamental and we must know exactly which data to use in order to justify decisions and add value. But we can’t just use any old data.
Data Analytics

Data Analytics and how to make the best decisions for your plant.

Data on operations, processes, logistics, personal data, financial data... Data, data and more data. Too much data. So much data, in terms of quantity and variety, that it can be overwhelming. What is the best way to collect and organize them so that they make sense? To know what to do with them, so that they boost the productivity and efficiency of the plant?