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Lantek Expert and iQuoting are indispensable at A13 Engineering

A13 Engineering moved from plasma cutting to laser cutting in October 23 with the installation of a Bodor 12kW Laser and Lantek Expert software. Harry Hodgetts, Managing Director at A13 Engineering says, “With high-definition plasma, we found that it was not suitable for about 10% of our production, driving us to invest in a laser cutter giving higher accuracy and automatic part etching for easy component identification.”

Close to our clients, always

When we write the history of this decade, 2020 will be remembered as the year that marked a turning point, imposing important changes on our lives and on our jobs.

“Touch & Play”- state-of-the-art technological innovation

In its effort to boost new technologies and as the leader in the international CAD/CAM market, Lantek has developed “Touch&Play” a Lantek Inside module encompassing more than 35 years of experience from Lantek in the sheet metal processing industry and new augmented reality technologies.