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Interview with Adam Ball, Solutions Sales Manager at Lantek UK

Adam Ball is the Solutions Sales Manager at Lantek, succeeding Rob Powell, who retired after 24 years at the company. With over two decades of experience in service, applications, and sales for sheet metal machinery companies, Adam has held senior roles, including Commercial Director at MBA Engineering Systems, and spent 12 years at Bystronic. His expertise ranges from machine tools for laser and waterjet cutting to strategic leadership. Adam’s return to Lantek is fueled by exciting prospects, showcasing his dedication to driving growth and introducing innovative solutions.

The importance of proper plant orchestration to be more competitive

In an environment where everything is increasingly interconnected and processes are fed from this exchange of data, the orchestration of the systems in a factory is becoming ever more important. This refers to the need to organize, order and coordinate production within the company, a balanced distribution of tasks in which every element must participate and contribute: people, machines and software.

MES, the Heart of the Plant

In the same way that the heart pumps blood in different ways according to the requirements of the body, the MES gives the production manager the ability to adapt to the pace and characteristics of the company, its customers and its production plants.