Cyber security or how to manage vulnerabilities in industrial environments

Incorporating intelligence into factories is necessary in order for any industrial plant to compete in the 4.0 ecosystem, increase productivity and offer a personalized product and/or service, but this implies dealing with new vulnerabilities and, consequently, new security threats because machines, processes and information systems have to be in open networks, connected to the Internet, which increases exposure to cyberattacks.

Waterjet, oxycut, plasma or laser, which cutting technology should I use?

There is significant competition in the market between different cutting technologies, whether they are intended for sheet metal, tubes or profiles. There are those that use methods of mechanical cutting by abrasion, such as waterjet and punch machines, and others that prefer thermal methods, such as oxycut, plasma or laser.

Inter-generational Lantek Professionals with Talent

Countless studies have noted that, for the first time in history since the Industrial Revolution, businesses currently play host to employees from up to five different generations. Research has only gone further to confirm that there are more similarities than differences between these generations. Indeed, each generation sees itself as adaptable and innovative.