OEE systems: find out the real performance of your plant

In the industrial sector, being aware of our plant’s profitability is key in order to remain competitive, even more so, in this new digital ecosystem, where remote work has been incorporated into our day-to-day life making it necessary to use artificial intelligence technology and sensorization so that we can be more efficient. In this sense, having KPIs that can measure production efficiency so that we can introduce corrective measures is absolutely vital.

Simplifying the quoting process

Financial planning is one of the most important activities to ensure the smooth running of a business, and more so in the metal and sheet metal processing industry. There are many elements to take into account within this planning process, but it would be fair to say that preparing quotes is one of the most critical. The quote is like a map for a traveler - it marks the proposed route and, for a business to be managed effectively, this must be as close as possible to reality.

Lantek Flex3dTubes: Solving a Variety of Issues

One of the most highly technologically-developed fields in the industry is tube manufacturing, with regard to the development of both machine operations and software solutions that solve a plethora of issues customers face. The key, of course, is the ability to respond to and solve a multitude of potential scenarios, considering that there are a number of fundamental variables in this field.