SHEET HAPPENS: It is important to know how to draw in Lantek software?

SHEET HAPPENS" is a column written by a Lantek customer, a seasoned professional who has overcome thousands of challenges. In this blog series, he will regularly give us tips, tricks and "best practices" on Lantek Expert. We look forward to each episode - hopefully you do too.

The importance of making data-based decisions in the sheet metal industry

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of making decisions that are based on objective and accurate data. The reliability and quality of said data is fundamental and we must know exactly which data to use in order to justify decisions and add value. But we can’t just use any old data.

Advanced MES & Analytics: From Machinery to the brain of the Enterprise

Until not very long ago, machines were totally dependent on orders from people. They were not autonomous and did not communicate amongst themselves, slowing production and thereby also making them more vulnerable to manual operating errors. Now, in the era of smart & digital factories, MES (manufacturing execution systems) continue to be the backbone that control and oversee everything occurring inside the plant, but they have now moved up a category, revolutionizing management and production.