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Kerf Developments and Lantek collaboration delivers industry leading plasma technology

Kerf Developments has been building plasma, oxy-fuel and waterjet cutting machines since 2002. The company originally started as a service-based organisation repairing and upgrading a broad range of profile cutting machinery. It was the experiences gained working on such a varied range of equipment that formed the basis of the current machine range.

ACE Ceiling Products completes prestigious projects with help from Lantek

ACE Ceiling Products has been manufacturing bespoke sheet metal components since the early 80s and is a leader in its specialist field of bespoke construction projects and ceilings. A step change in its business was the introduction of Amada CNC punching machines in 1998, enabling it to produce micro perforated sheets which have 1.5mm diameter holes at 2mm pitch, widely used in the industry for specialist ceiling tiles.

The digitization of your company is now or never

Not so long ago we were asking ourselves whether the industry was mature enough to deal with digitization processes. It wasn’t long before the market gave us its response, just like in many other areas, those that were ready were few, the majority found themselves in the middle ground waiting for others to get going to see whether the digitization process is as interesting as suggested or whether it failed to meet expectations, and then there was a third group of "deniers", a term that has become popular over the last few weeks and which includes those that systematically tend to apply the same phase for almost everything: "this isn’t for me".