Nukon Lasers UK collaborates with Lantek UK for laser cutting excellence.

Premium Turkish laser manufacturer Nukon is one of Lantek’s OEM collaborative partners, combining the 2D and 3D technology of Nukon’s lasers with the expertise Lantek brings to the industry with its Lantek Expert software for programming 2D lasers and its Flex3D software for tube cutting lasers.

Technology and Industry 4.0: meeting the challenge with the right partner

Industry 4.0 is in the news and companies in every sector are becoming aware of the terminology. Its potential for improving productivity is immense. But we must remember that this concept includes dozens of very different technologies, each with different implications and results. The challenge for industrial companies is to understand the possibilities for their business in detail and draw up a plan to transform production processes step by step.

How to lead manufacturers through the Digital Transition

Many manufacturers are struggling to transition their companies to Industry 4.0. The new era of manufacturing is focused on technology and data. This requires wholesale changes in the employees’ skill sets and processes.